Blood cancer symptoms

Blood Cancer Sign and Symptoms:

  • Abnormal bleeding in gums nose and cuts, which will result in platelet reduction.
  • Body gets weak due to swollen lymph joints.
  • Minimal body strain results inbone fractures.
  • Body sweats a lot at night.
  • Frequent vomiting sensations.
  • Experiencing severe pressure or pain in the abdominal region.
  • Frequent weight loss and occurrence of visual difficulties.
  • Monotonous infections that is stiff to cure.
  • Difficulty while urinating.
  • Bruising easily in regular intervals.
  • Occurrence of fine rashes on dark spots.


Identification of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Most of the time these kinds of conditions can be identified suddenly by a blood test as this procedure makes doctors to diagnosis you easily, but in fact a bone marrow test will give more clarity to the diagnosis. Leukemia can be classified

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only when these special tests are performed, as this will manipulate the type of treatment required. Best treatment can be possible for the doctors only with the help of proper scanning report and X-rays related with.

Reasons for Low blood Count

Blood cancers such as leukemia or myelodysplasia act as a a hurdle and stop the younger cells in the bone marrow to grow for a short period of time. When this happens, older cells will never leave the bone marrow and it will enter the stream of blood, due to that oxygen doesn’t pass through the body proficiently, due to which you will feel very exhausted and it leads to low blood count.

Tips to avoid low blood count:

Evade forcefully blowing your nose. While you clean up your house, pets or work in garden you must not forget to put on disposable gloves. As this will help to escape from wounds and injuries. Better to avoid vigorous or rough activities that may injure you, as minute injuries can result you severe further. It is advisable to use a real light brush to clean teeth. Be cautious not to “reduce” or “cut” yourself. Men must take an electronic shaver instead of a razor to avert cuts.It is Ideal to seek advice from your doctor before consuming any alcoholic’s and also take an advice over your sexual process prevention. Do not take any herbal or vitamins without consulting your physician. Fox example if you take products like aspirin, which will seriously impact platelet, counts. Beware!! Author: ©2006-2012 Ebooker I hope you like this article, Hit the Plus button to see important videos of Blood cancer.

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